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The Attic



The World of Louis XVI

In the Attic, Jacques-Ange Gabriel created an apartment for Louis XV as well as a series of quarters for the lords of his suite. This apartment, composed of an antechamber, a bedchamber and a corner cabinet, was naturally assigned to Louis XVI who, nevertheless, never slept there. Therefore, it was probably the King’s sister, Madame Elisabeth, who occupied this apartment.

The rooms after the King’s apartment evoke the females who lived at Petit Trianon. The rooms devoted to Madame Elisabeth and Madame Royale, daughter of Louis XVI, are furnished in part with furniture from Trianon. The cabinet and bedchamber of Empress Marie-Louise, re-used by the Duchess of Orleans, as well as her boudoir, were actually on the noble floor, where the memory of Queen Marie-Antoinette was favoured. The objects that furnished these areas in the 19th century were therefore transferred to the attic.

The King’s Antechamber
This room has a woodwork decor from 1768 and a chimney made of reused sarancolin marble, placed by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel at Trianon, in all likelihood coming from Madame de Pompadour’s mansion in Paris, currently the Elysée Palace.

The King’s Bedchamber
The chamber is decorated with panelling and wall coverings made of crimson lampas from Lyon. A chimney made of griotte marble and gilded bronzes placed in 1836, from the private apartments of Marie-Antoinette at the palace of Versailles, dominates the room.


This is the only room refurnished for Louis XVI in 1777, as the King kept his grandfather’s furniture in the rest of the apartment. The chimney is made of sarancolin marble.

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