The Palace of Versailles and Orange allow you to discover the gardens of Versailles, the symbols of French-style gardens and the masterpieces of their creator, André le Nôtre.

This app can be used on location or from a distance.

Free app available in French and English on the App Store.

Let yourself be guided through the gardens of Versailles.

Thanks to the 3D map and the geolocation feature, you will never miss a point of interest of the gardens and you will never get lost. As you being to walk, the app will offer audio commentary and videos prepared by curators, gardeners, engineers and architects of Versailles.  

Deepen your visit upon request

Discover the many complimentary features of the app, including the original viez of the author Erik Orsenna on the gardens and the explanations of the artist Giuseppe Penone on his contemporary art exposition in the gardens. 

Your children become Master-Fontainiers

An approximate one hour long route specially created for children allows them to discover the gardens, along the circuit of the fontainiers of Versailles. If they complete all the tasks,they'll receive a Master-Fontainier diploma.

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Palace of Versailles App

Palace of Versailles App

The official Palace of Versailles app.