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The palace, the museum and the estate of Versailles has been a public establishment of an administrative nature since 1995, with independent administrative and financial management. It is under the supervision of the ministry for culture and communication.

At its head, is Catherine Pégard, Chairman of the Public Establishment.

The consolidated budget of the public establishment represents approximately 100 million euros per year. The operating expenses are financed by the establishment’s own resources, particularly from its ticket sales. Investment spending is financed by an annual subsidy from the State, the establishment’s self-financing capacity and sponsorship. All revenues are reinvested in renovations and acquisitions which are not covered by State subsidies.

The establishment enjoys sponsorship from companies and private individuals in particular thanks to the new provisions of the law of 1 August 2003. In 2010, the Palace of Versailles financed more than 10% of its total budget this way.

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