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NewsExperience Versailles differently

Experience Versailles differently



Experience Versailles during the low season

Take advantage of the low season to explore the Estate calmly.


1 day at Versailles

With the Passport ticket, discover the Versailles Estate in all its glory: the Palace, the Gardens, the Trianon palaces and the Marie-Antoinette's Estate.
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2 days at Versailles

With the 2-day Passport ticket, take the time to customise your visit and take a new look at the many facets of Versailles.

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Opening of Louis XIV rooms

Go and meet the characters that marked the reign of Louis XIV.
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Guided Tours

Discover the history of Versailles with those who wrote it: Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, de Gaulle...
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Save time by buying your "Passport" ahead of time.

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2-days Passport

New : 2-days passport, to explore all the different aspects of Versailles at your leisure.

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Audioguide included

The audioguide to visit the Grand Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors is included.

Free admission

Free admission for European residents under 26 years of age

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