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The First Floor



The Queen's Apartments

Living Room
The main room on the floor was a living room, for “Games” and music especially in the days of Marie-Antoinette. Honoré Guibert carved the trophies of music on the panelling decorated with King Louis XV’s monogram, the two “Ls” in myrtle leaves entwined with three natural fleurs-de-lis under a crown of roses. The imposing chimney is made of purple breccia. The textile decor is a “three-colour damask” from Lyon often used in royal palaces during the 18th century.

Louis XV’s retreat room became the bedchamber of Madame du Barry in 1772 then that of Marie-Antoinette. For Louis XV, Honoré Guibert had created a panelling with remarkable sculptures of plants. In 1787, Marie-Antoinette commissioned new furniture, probably designed by Jean-Démosthène Dugourc (1749-1825).

The Cabinet of Movable Mirrors
Under Louis XV the king’s private chambers began here. Marie-Antoinette converted the room and in 1776 she commissioned mechanical engineer Jean-Tobie Mercklein to create movable mirrors which would rise from the floor to block the two windows and obtain a boudoir with a double mirror effect. In 1787, the queen commissioned new arabesque style panelling which was carried out by the Rousseau brothers.

In addition to these rooms, there was a water closet, a bathroom, refitted in 1837 for the Duchess of Orleans, as well as a small antechamber or dressing room, located on the site of Louis XV’s former library of botany.

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