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Download the new official app to visit the Gardens of Versailles.

Version française

Head out for a walk with this new app and learn all about the Gardens of Versailles! This app is available free of charge in English and in French, on the App Store and on Google Play.

NEW ! iPad version : Gardens of Versailles HD

The Palace of Versailles and Orange invite you to discover the Gardens of Versailles, the epitome of French formal gardens and the masterpiece of their creator, André le Nôtre.

This free app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.


This app was produced in partnership with

This app was designed for remote use or for use in the Gardens.

The app guides you through the Gardens of Versailles.

Thanks to the 3D map and geolocation, you won’t miss a single point of interest in the Gardens and you will always know where you are. Start your visit and as you walk around, the app provides you with audio and video commentary prepared by the curators, gardeners, fountain engineers and architects at Versailles.

Share your visit with friends

During your visit, record your comments, take pictures and set up your own personal gallery of the Gardens. Your Facebook friends can access your gallery and take advantage of it using the app when they visit the Garden.

This app was produced in partnership with Orange. It is available free of charge on the Apple Store and Google Play

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