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Trianon at your fingertips!
Explore the history of the palaces of Trianon and Marie - Antoinette's Estate

Free application, in French and English:

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This application offers visitors four different guided tours for discovering the intimate history of these bucolic locations, with photos, videos and sound. Visitors can choose their tour and locate the different sections of their itinerary on a map.

Independent Tour

Trianon's gardens - Self-guided Tour

The Belvedere, the Temple of Love, the Queen’s Hamlet... visit the gardens of Trianon and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate thanks to a tour visiting 16 incredible, geolocalised locations.

Parcours libre

New ! Tour of the Petit Trianon

Discover a new tour and explore Marie-Antoinette's world from her Cabinet of Movable Mirros to the service Rooms.

The Grand Trianon

Tour of the Grand Trianon

Explore four centuries of history from the Trianon of Louis XIV to stays by Charles de Gaulle.

Looking for Marie-Antoinette

Looking for Marie-Antoinette - Family Tour

Parents and children must find the Queen, accompanied by Guillaume d'Antigny and her young niece Louise. Games and quizzes will guide families through the estate where Queen Marie-Antoinette used to take refuge from the Etiquette of the French Court.

Download the app in English for Android and iOs.

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