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  • Exhibitions


    Exhibition program at the palace of Versailles

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  • Extramural Exhibitions


    Discover the extramural exhibitions of the Palace of Versailles

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  • Festivities and Entertainment

    The infinite variety and ingenuity of entertainment provided at Court.

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  • The publications

    Catalogue of the publications of the palace of Versailles

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  • Salles Louis XIV


    In prelude to the visit to the Grands Apartements, the restored Louis XIV Rooms are now open.

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  • The Coach Gallery

    Reopening on 10 May 2016

    The collection of coaches will be exhibited in an entirely redesigned space.

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  • Redevelopment of the Pavillon

    A new visitors’reception area

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  • The Queen's State Apartment

    Closed for works

    New visitor tour from 5th January 2016

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  • Versailles in photo in CDG

    A photo exhibition dedicated to the Palace of Versailles organized in the airports of Paris

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  • Restoration and refurnishing

    Restoration and refurnishing works at the palace of Versailles

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  • The acquisitions of the Palace

    The last acquisitions of the palace of Versailles

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  • Archaeology in Versailles

    20 years of archaeological excavations in Versailles

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  • Symposiums and workshops

    The scientific activities of the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles

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  • Concerts in videos

    Discover the concerts recorded at the Palace of Versailles

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  • Centre de musique baroque

    Missions and program for the musical season

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  • Equestrian Show Academy

    A centre for equestrian shows and training, directed by Bartabas

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  • Versailles Festival 2016

    Versailles Festival 2016

    Concerts, operas, masked balls and shows : discover the programmation.

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European Heritage Days



Opening of the South Wing

On 14 and 15 September 2013, the South Wing of the Palace of Versailles will exceptionally be open to visitors. For the 30th European Heritage Days, you can discover these unique rooms imagined by Louis-Philippe and where Napoleon holds a place of honour.

La galerie des BataillesThe Gallery of Battles

The South Wing: a spectacular, little-known gem

In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of European Heritage Days, the Palace of Versailles invites you to take a novel visit. On this occasion, open the doors of the South Wing, which far too often remain closed.

Beyond the Gallery of Battles, this wing is a spectacular, little-known gem. Louis XIV is practically nowhere to be found, but Napoleon holds a place of honour. Here, Louis-Philippe gathered masterpieces telling the history of France. From the vestibule of the Provence staircase to the diaphanous glassworks of the South Wing Attic, this visit promises you many moments of amazement.

Practical information

14 and 15 September 2013, from 9 am to 6.30 pm (last admission at 5 pm)

Free access to the South Wing at 4 rue de l'Indépendance Américaine at Versailles

NB: rates for other areas of the Palace and the Gardens remain unchanged

Explore the South Wing


The opening of the South Wing is posible thanks to the support of Renault Trucks Defense

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