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  • Extramural Exhibitions


    Discover the extramural exhibitions of the Palace of Versailles

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  • Charles de La Fosse, the triumph of color

    February 24 to May 24 2015

    Exhibition about one of the main creators behind the decoration in Versailles

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  • Exhibitions


    Exhibition program at the palace of Versailles

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  • The publications

    Catalogue of the publications of the palace of Versailles

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  • The Palace of Versailles during the Great War


    Discover how the Palace of Versailles lived through the Great War

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  • The Water Theatre grove

    January 2014

    A contemporary garden for the Water Theatre grove

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  • Redevelopment of the Pavillon Dufour

    July 2014

    A new visitors’reception area

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  • Salles Louis XIV


    In prelude to the visit to the Grands Apartements, the restored Louis XIV Rooms are now open.

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  • Words of Freedom in the collections of the Palace

    Janvier 2015

    "What is Tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity" Voltaire

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  • A Hermès scarf in aid of the palace of Versailles

    the “Promenade à Versailles” Hermès scarf will help to fund the restoration of the palace apartments

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  • #MuseumWeek

    From March 23 to 29.

    During #MuseumWeek, celebrate culture on Twitter with the @CVersailles !

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  • Restoration and refurnishing

    Restoration and refurnishing works at the palace of Versailles

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  • The acquisitions of the Palace

    The last acquisitions of the palace of Versailles

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  • Archaeology in Versailles

    20 years of archaeological excavations in Versailles

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  • Symposiums, conferences and workshops

    The scientific activities of the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles

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  • Restoration of the Latona Fountain

    12 March 2013

    Restoration of the Latona Fountain

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  • Louis XV’s Choisy Commode

    February 2014

    An exceptional commode joins the collections of the Palace of Versailles

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  • Abundance Salon

    10 March 2014

    The Abundance Salon restored and refurnished

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  • Concerts in videos

    Discover the concerts recorded at the Palace of Versailles

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  • The Centre de musique baroque de Versailles

    Missions and program for the musical season

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  • Equestrian Show Academy

    A centre for equestrian shows and training, directed by Bartabas

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  • Celebrating Rameau

    Until 13 December 2014

    The music programme is dedicated to Jean-Philippe Rameau.

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  • Performing arts at Versailles

    Operas, concerts and ballets: discover the programme for the 2014-2015 season

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The historical refurnishing of Versailles

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Contemporary furniture

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Appartements du Dauphin et de la Dauphine

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The palace of Versailles and the Mobilier national



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From 20 September to 11 December 2011, the Palace of Versailles presents an exhibition dedicated to the collections and designs of the Mobilier national, from the Royal Furniture Store under Louis XIV up to our day.

The exhibition – The palace of Versailles and the Mobilier national, four centuries of furniture design – consists of two sections:

- the first section, in the setting of the Apartment of Madame de Maintenon, rounding off the visit to the Grand Apartments of the King and the Queen, is devoted to the historical refurnishing of the Palace of Versailles that is being pursued through the active furniture deposit policy of the Mobilier national,

- the second section, held in the Apartments of the Dauphin and Dauphine, presents contemporary designs of this institution whose primary mission is to furnish the Republic’s official buildings.

This exhibition demonstrates the dynamism of the production of the old Garde-Meuble royal [Royal Furniture Store] up to our day. The refurnishing of these rooms, both historical and dreamlike, will evoke the apartments of the palace of Versailles as they were and as they would be if Versailles had remained the seat of power.

The curatorship of the exhibition is provided:
- for the palace of Versailles by Bertrand Rondot, Chief Curator.
- for the Mobilier national by Jean-Jacques Gautier, Inspector for the Mobilier national, Marie-Helène Masse-Bersani, Manager of the Production Department of the Mobilier national and Manager of the Contemporary Textile Collection, and Myriam Zuber-Cupissol, Inspector-Advisor for Artistic Creation for the Mobilier national.
Jacques Garcia is responsible for the exhibition design and layout.