In order to enhance conditions for visitors and preserve our heritage, major works on fire safety standards, utility network renovation and air treatment improvement are in progress in the four rooms of the Queen’s State Apartment.

The new collections settlement

During the works, visitors can discover collections around Marie-Antoinette in other places:

  • The King's royal table antechamber: see a part of the Queen's royal table antechamber furniture.
  • The Petit Trianon and the Hamlet: Marie-Antoinette's country life, on an unaccompanied tour or the "Marie-Antoinette in Trianon" guided tour (in French)
  • The exhibition Festivities and Entertainment at Court: from music to hunting, the Queen's activities during her leisure time.
  • Other venue: Until 26 of February 2017, the rest of the furniture from the Queen's State Apartment is displayed at the Mori Arts Gallery Center of Tokyo.


visit The Queen's State Apartment with street view

The Queen's State Apartment online


A new route in the palace

During the works, the State Apartments tour is modified. As they come out of the King’s Chamber, visitors go into the Bull’s Eye Room, the King’s Grand Couvert and the King’s Guard Room. They access the Queen's staircase to continue the visit with Louis XV's daughters Apartments. Visitors can also go through the Sacre room corridor to access the Battles gallery.

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