Essential components of André Le Nôtre’s composition for the Gardens, the benches give structure and rhythm to the gardens of Versailles’ spaces. Several ancient benches, alongside 129 already adopted benches, await benefactors that will enable them to recover their former glory.  


Numerous marble and stone benches form part of the sculpted decor of the gardens of Versailles. They play a particularly important role in André Le Nôtre’s composition and engage in an artistic dialogue with the statues. Their sculpted decorations were executed by Louis XIV’s artists themselves such as François Girardon or Gaspard and Balthazar Marsy.


The ancient benches currently displayed in the gardens show different signs of alteration, thus requiring cleaning or consolidation interventions to restore them to their original glory. This restoration campaign is part of a larger restoration project for the garden.

Restoration work will be carried out in situ. Light structures will be installed around each bench in the role of temporary workshops allowing conservators to carry out their expertise.


Adopting a bench costs 3,800 € and 4,000 € for the four circular benches.

By adopting one of them, you will be eligible to a tax relief as well as custom-made consideration.

You are

An individual paying tax in France

A company with a subsidiary in France

Your patronage

3,800 €

4,000 €

3,800 €

4,000 €

Tax relief



Actual cost after tax relief

1,292 €

1,360 €

1,520 €

1,600 €


By participating in the gardens of Versailles bench adoption campaign, not only will your name feature next to the restored work of art, but you will also forge close and longstanding ties with the Palace of Versailles and its Estate.

Choose your bench on the plan featured in the brochure enclosed and get in touch with the Patronage Department.

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