The boldest of the Sun King's projects - as well as his last - needs you to restore its lustre. When you adopt a statue from the Royal Chapel, you will help revive all the virtuosity of the greatest artists from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The statues of the Royal Chapel: an imperilled masterpiece

Completed in 1710 by Robert de Cotte, who took over the work begun by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1687, the Royal Chapel symbolises all the riches and complexity of Louis XIV's reign. It fully embodies the combination of tradition and modernity.

The Royal Chapel is a work that stands on its own, but is also an integral part of the palace complex as a whole. Aside from the removal of the roof lantern added less than 50 years after its completion, the building has remained unchanged for the centuries, standing majestically over the palace and the city of Versailles.

An extraordinary project

The outside of the building is showing signs of ageing, and its inevitable deterioration threatens the durability of the roof and sculpted decorations. An urgent restoration is now critical to repair the roof timbers, roof slates, ornaments, facades, stone facing, statues and stained-glass windows.

In order to conduct this project, enormous scaffolding (4,700 m2, 45 metres high) has been installed for three years. Its design was a technical feat, protecting the building while facilitating access for the many craftspersons (master carpenters, master roofers, master glassmakers, locksmiths, master metalworkers, glaziers, sculptors, gilders, etc.) all working in accordance with traditional techniques to restore the Royal Chapel to its original splendour.

The 31 statues made by the most talented sculptors of the time - Guillaume Coustou, Anselme Flamen, Pierre Lepautre, Corneille Van Clève - form part of a unique and highly expressive ensemble. The restoration - which will take place on-site - aims to preserve the statues so they can remain atop the Chapel for many years.

Become a patron

Whether you are an individual or a company, you can finance the restoration of a statue in full, join forces with other patrons, or bring a group of friends together. It costs €10,000 to adopt a statute, and you will receive a tax reduction and personalised rewards.

You are An individual A company

Your donation

€10,000 €10,000

Tax reduction

66% 60%

Cost after tax reduction

€3,400 €4,000


Choose your statue and contact the Patronage Department.

Adopt a statue from the Royal Chapel




To be a patron of Versailles is to become part of this chain that links together the history of yesterday, today and tomorrow, passing down to the future generations the living memory of the history that has shaped us, maintaining the knowledge of rare craftsmanship.

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