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Advice for your visit

Free bags deposit

Free bags deposit

Your group can leave their belongings at bag deposit area in the Entrance B before the visit. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your visit in the low season, and 30 minutes early in high season, to deposit your bags.
During the Palace visit, make sure that no child leaves any personal belongings unattented, even just for few minutes.

Identify the reception and surveillance officers

Identify the reception and surveillance officers

Surveillance officers are present to help and inform you. These officers can be identified by the badges they wear and can be found all along the tour itinerary (in the courtyard, in the gardens, and the museum entrances and exits). If a child gets lost, he/she can directly go to them. These officers will immediately take care of him/her and will take all measures to find the group leaders. Likewise, a group leader can also ask these officers for help if they lose a child.

Camera use

Camera use

Works in the permanent exhibition rooms can be photographed or filmed for private use; all collective or commercial use is forbidden.
Photos are not allowed in the temporary exhibition rooms unless an authorisation is posted at the entrance.
To protect the works and for visitors comfort, flashes are not allowed in any of the rooms, nor are camera booms.

Anti-terrorist security plan To ensure the safety of our visitors

the Palace of Versailles is strictly applying security measures decided by the French authorities.

The measuresThe measures

Queen's State Apartment

Closing of the Queen's State Apartment from 5th January 2016, see the new visitor tour

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