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2-day Passport



All the wealth of Versailles without a care

Visitors who spend a night in Versailles can enjoy the flexibility and freedom that this ticket provides. They can take the time to customise their visit and take a new look at the many facets of Versailles.

2-day Passport

2-day Passport

This non-transferable ticket can be used over 2 consecutive days (the stay must not begin on a Sunday).

-          An advantageous price
-          Go back to a place you liked (2 visits allowed for each site)
-          Book a show at reduced rates from among the Fountains Night Show, the Musical Season and the Versailles Festival (excluding the Fêtes Galantes and Masked Balls)
-          Enjoy a reduced admission price to visit the Potager du Roi, located outside the Palace
-          Combine a hotel night for a complete package (possibility for a package deal with our partner hotels)

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Prices for 2-day Passports
- €25 EXCLUDING Musical Fountains Show and Musical Gardens days (low season)
- €30 on Musical Fountains Show and Musical Gardens days* (high season)
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FREE ADMISSION: access to the Palace, the Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate is free for European Union residents under 26 years of age.
See all eligibility requirements for free admission

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