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Place d'Armes Gardens

Your visit to the Palace

Hall of Mirrors, Royal Chapel, the King's apartments : an immersion into the golden age and French art.

The free official Palace visit app helps you get your bearings when you arrive and then guides you through the Palace rooms.

A stroll through the gardens

Discover the groves, the fountains, the Orangerie, the sculptures and the gardens’ other marvels: a stroll through culture and nature.

With the free Gardens of Versailles app, the Palace of Versailles and Orange take you on a discovery tour of the formal French gardens of Versailles.

The Grand Trianon Guided tours

The Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate

Then go to the Grand Trianon and visit this jewel in pink marble. End your tour with the delicate, pastoral world of the Petit Trianon, and the Queen's Hamlet.

Guided tours

For a look at the secret side of Versailles, book a guided tour : the Private Apartments of the Kings, the Royal Opera, the Royal Chapel, etc. Some ten theme visits open the doors to little-known areas.

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New: 2-Days Passport to explore the many facets of Versailles at your own pace.

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Discover and locate all the sites and practical services at the Palace and the Estate.

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Free for European Union residents under 26 years of age.

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In the Grand Appartements
  • • Venus Salon: the most baroque decoration in Versailles, where Le Brun created a dialogue between architecture, sculpture and painting.
  • • Hall of Mirrors: three hundred and fifty-seven mirrors and a seventy-three metre-long painted vaulted ceiling.
  • • Apollo Salon: the central painting on the ceiling, recently restored for the Charles de La Fosse exhibition.
In the gardens
  • • Latona Fountain, completely restored to its original splendour.
  • • The Water Theatre grove, redesigned by Louis Benech and home to fountain sculptures by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

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