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Space rental

Companies, institutions and organisations can rent the museum’s and grounds’ spaces to host gala dinners, cocktail parties, concerts, balls, private tours, fountain shows, fireworks displays and other prestigious events.

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The Gallery of Battles

This luxurious gallery, created by King Louis-Philippe in 1837, runs the entire length of the first floor in the South Wing. The 35 paintings on its walls, including St. Louis at the Battle of Taillebourg by Eugène Delacroix, Henri IV entering Paris by François Gérard and The Battle of Fontenoy  by Horace Vernet, illustrate the most important events in the military history of France, from the Battle of Tolbiac (496) to Wagram (1809).

Capacity: 600-800 people for seated meals or stand-up drinks.

Size: 120 m x 13 m.

Crusades Room

These five rooms are accessed from the ground floor gallery in the North Wing. They are decorated in the neo-Gothic style and depict the major episodes in the Crusades as seen by official painters of the 19th century. The coats-of-arms of the most illustrious crusaders decorate the ceiling and pillars.

The largest of these rooms (250 m²) has a capacity of 180-200 people for seated meals, 300-400 people for stand-up drinks.

Cotelle Gallery

This light, elegant gallery opens onto gardens on both sides. It is decorated with paintings by Jean Cotelle (1642-1708) depicting Versailles's Park and Groves in the reign of Louis XIV. The gallery is in the right wing of the Grand Trianon, the marble palace set in superb gardens, which the king commissioned from his architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1687.

Capacity: 250 people for seated meals; 400 people for stand-up drinks. Excellent acoustics make it ideal for chamber music concerts.


Built between 1684 and 1686 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart to house rare trees and shrubs in the winter months, this exceptionally large building stands below the South Parterre, forming its retaining wall. Two huge staircases known as the One Hundred Steps flank the Orangery's three galleries, wich open onto a garden filled in summer with more than 1 200 exotic trees.

From 20 May to 20 october the Orangery is avalaible for functions (dinners, cocktail parties, dances, shows, fashion shows).

Capacity: 1 200 people seated, 2 500 people standing.

The central gallery is 156 m long, 12 m wide and 13.24 m high. The side gallerie are 70 m long.

The Royal Opera

The Royal Opera House is a masterpiece designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel and Blaise-Henri Arnoult, Louis XV's First Architect and First Stage Manager. It was inaugurated on 16 May 1770 to mark the wedding of the heir to the throne, the future Louis XVI, and Archduchess Marie-Antoinette of Austria. The vast stage, quality acoustics, perfect proportions and elegant decoration produced by the artist Durameau and the sculptor Pajou make this one of the most beautiful royal theatres of the world.

Capacity: 600 people for an evening of music, dance, theatre or opera.

(Stage: width 12.3 m, depth 23 m, height 36 m)

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