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Bequests, donations and life insurance policies



Bequests, donations and life-insurance policies

The Palace of Versailles and its Estate are among the finest treasures bequethed by the history of France to the universal artistic heritage. Nevertheless, they require permanent restoration and embellishement work, while new acquisitions and a varied programme of cultural events continually enrich the experience of visitors.

Bequeathing to the palace of Versailles means becoming part of its history

The transfer of estate to the Palace of Versailles is tax-exempt (“exoneration of transfer duties”). These donations are used to finance numerous restoration projects, enrich the collections and support the programme of cultural activities and events.

How to transfer your assets


The Sponsorship Department of the palace of Versailles is at your service to hear about your projects, advise you and assist you with the procedures involved.

Serena Gavazzi, chef du service mécénat. Tél : 01 30 83 77 04, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Your solicitor is a specialist in these matters. Don’t hesitate to consult him/her for assistance in the formalisation and setting up of your estate.

Your procedures

1)    Send a letter to: Présidente du Château de Versailles, RP 834, 78008 Versailles cedex, indicating your intention to leave all or part of your estate to the Palace of Versailles, the description of the donation in question and your contact details.
NB. Any donation or bequest of a work of art, a piece of furniture or real estate must first be approved by the Palace of Versailles. Only works of art originating in French royal collections may join the national collections of the Palace of Versailles.

2)    Contact your solicitor to draw up your will. If you do not know any solicitor, the directory of the Conseil National du Notariat (National Council of Solicitors) will help you to find one near you.

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00 33 (0)1 30 83 77 04 / 84 49

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