The Napoleon Rooms are open from Tuesday to Sunday for guided tours and the Chimay rooms are open on Saturdays and Sundays for everyone. 


Exceptional Opening

This summer 2021, there will be a special opening at the Palace of Versailles of the Napoleon Rooms in the attic of the South Wing – an integral part of the Historic Galleries converted by Louis-Philippe. Visitors will be able to visit in guided tours the Palace’s collection – the world’s largest – of Napoleonic works, including historical paintings and painted and sculpted portraits.

These rooms tell the story of the key events of the Empire period in a chronological and themed presentation – from the establishment of the regime in May 1804 up to its fall, during the first abdication in 1814 and then the defeat at Waterloo on 18 June 1815.

Practical information

The whole south Attic may be visited with dedicated guided tours from Tuesday to Sunday and the Chimay attic is open to all on Saturdays and Sundays during normal Palace opening hours


A couple artworks from the South Attic

1805-1806 (XIXe siècle) — Bartolini, Lorenzo (sculpteur)

Napoléon Ier
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1805 (XIXe siècle) — Gérard, François (peintre)

Napoléon Ier, empereur des Français (1769-1821)
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1796 (XVIIIe siècle) — Gros, Antoine-Jean (peintre)

Bonaparte au pont d'Arcole, 17 novembre 1796
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1857 (XIXe siècle) — Garneray, Ambroise-Louis (peintre)

Retour de l'île d'Elbe, 1er mars 1815
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1866 (XIXe siècle) — Vela, Vincenzo (sculpteur)

Les derniers moments de Napoléon Ier à Sainte-Hélène
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1812 (XIXe siècle) — Gérard, François (peintre)

Marie-Louise, impératrice des Français (1791-1847) et le roi de Rome
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1842 (XIXe siècle) — Isabey, Eugène (peintre)

Transbordement des cendres de Napoléon Ier à bord de la Belle Poule, 15 octobre 1840
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