By adopting a bench in the Queen’s Grove, you are leaving your mark in a stunning garden crafted for Queen Marie Antoinette.


Created in 1776 especially for Queen Marie Antoinette, the Queen’s Grove is a unique creation in the gardens of Versailles. Its richness lies in its compositions of diverse plant life newly introduced to Europe, centered around the Virginia tulip poplar.

Thanks to a host of generous patrons, a large-scale restoration effort has been undertaken at the Queen’s Grove between 2019 to 2021, offering Versailles visitors a piece of exceptional horticultural heritage.

© Palace of Versailles / D. Saulnier 


Restore the Grove’s unique ambiance

The installation of new benche -modeled after those of the 18th century- will complete the restoration of the Grove and enrich its décor. They invite visitors to rest for a moment and immerse themselves in the delicate aromas of these green corridors and appreciate the essence of this botanical haven steeped in history.

© Palace of Versailles / D. Saulnier 

Select your bench

Become a patron

Three models of bench are available to adopt:

Stone benches: €6,000
Straight wooden benches: €8,000
Curved wooden benches: €10,000

By adopting one of them, you benefit from a tax write-off and customized counterparty privileges.

You are An individual A business
Your patronage €6,000 €8,000 €10,000  €6,000  €8,000  €10,000 
Tax reduction 66% 60%
Cost after tax reduction €2,040 €2,720 €3,400 €2,400 €3,200 €4,000


Select your bench from the map in the brochure and contact the Patronage Department.


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Choisissez votre projet

Depuis plus d'un siècle, nombreux sont ceux qui se sont engagés en faveur de la sauvegarde et du rayonnement du château de Versailles. A votre tour, entrez dans l'Histoire en soutenant le projet qui vous ressemble

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Devenez mécène

Devenez Mécène

Particuliers, entreprises, fondations, participez au rayonnement du château de Versailles. Dès cinq euros, chacun peut contribuer à un projet de mécénat et inscrire son nom dans l'histoire de Versailles.

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