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Queen’s Grove


Daydreaming is coming to an end and as winter comes, gardens put on a protective coat waiting for spring to return. Yet, in the Queen’s Grove, the annual installation of tarpaulins has been orchestrated by one of the most radical and controversial figures in fashion, Rick Owens.

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Queen’s Grove

The Queen’s Grove was created during the replanting of Versailles’ park in 1775-1776, during the reign of Louis XVI. Conceived in the new English-style garden taste, the grove is organized around a central square-shaped space to which one accede by the wooded pathways opened from the angles.

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About the work

In the same way that marble mimics clothing that protects gods, goddesses, and heroes, Rick Owens has envisioned enveloping material to dress the statues, four marbles and one bronze, in the Queen’s Grove. The textiles, which he placed over the top of the slipcovers used to protect the garden’s statues from harsh winter conditions, coat these presences with a new identity. As always, his work finds the exact point where the drapery, the fold, and the layers create a sculpture and yet still remain clothing.

About the artist

Born in 1962 in Porterville, United States of America, Rick Owens lives and works in Paris.

Designer and fashion designer Rick Owens is firmly rooted in the minimalist “anti-fashion” movement of the 1990s, and describes his work as “the meeting between Frankenstein and Greta Garbo falling in love in an S&M bar”. Since the launch of his label in 1994, he has been considered as one of the most radical and controversial figures in fashion. His catwalk shows are incredible spectacles that defy convention and regularly spark scandals and controversy. Of this, he says, “When people go to my shows, they know they’re going to see something powerful, theatrical, a moving story without sentimentalism, and to this point, we’ve struck a successful balance.”

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