Céline Minard

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Grenouilles en grands manteaux

Céline Minard’s text accompanies the visitor’s wandering with her poetic, savage and brilliant style. Her few pages create a link between the artists, between the works, between the places, combine spaces and times. Awakening one by one the groves by a word, she gives life to the mythological and symbolic images, reveals the garden and its secrets, unveiling finally a bit of her vision of this Voyage d’Hiver.

Presentation of the artist’s work by the curator of the exhibition


Grenouilles en grands manteaux

© EPV / Thomas Garnier

Gardens of Versailles during winter

For the 10th contemporary art exhibition at the Palace of Versailles, mythology takes over the gardens to tell the same endless story, the one about the metamorphoses of nature and life.

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About the artist

Born in 1969 in Rouen, France, Céline Minard Lives and works in Paris, France.

Céline Minard is one of the greatest names in contemporary French literature. After studying philosophy, Minard began writing novels, honing her ability in a wide range of styles. From one novel to the next, she is capable of completely embodying totally different registers, periods, and language. For example, in Faillir être flingué (2013), she assimilated and then completely reinvented the codes of the traditional Western. In her following and most recent novel, Le Grand Jeu, she explores a contemporary female hermit’s inner dialogue. Fables, founding myths, and rites of passage all figure prominently in her work.

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