The Exhibition

On the occasion of « Voyage d’hiver », Versailles opens its gardens to seventeen artists who are to create a poetic walk through its groves. The path was imagined as a stroll in that open-air museum, starting when October is burnishing the vegetation and ending in the pale brightness of the winter. It will be punctuated by seventeen sights, seventeen works which dialog with the creation of André Le Nôtre.

For its 10th edition, the contemporary art exhibition has been made together with the Palais de Tokyo. The curatorship, composed of Jean de Loisy, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, Yoann Gourmel and Alfred Pacquement, invites the visitors to this journey from the 22nd of October to the 7th of January, every day Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am till nightfall.

Catherine Pégard and Jean de Loisy presenting Voyage d’hiver.

Invitation for a voyage

As the Musical Fountains Shows come to an end, Voyage d’hiver reveals the groves in a new light.

Four historic fountains, each representing a different season, legitimize the important theme of a changing world. Flore, Ceres, Bacchus and Saturn, placed at the four crossroads of the main axes of the groves underlie all symbolism at Versailles. During three months Voyage d’hiver accompanies those transformations, casting a meditative trail through the gardens which slowly slip into the cold and the frost.

Artists & Groves

Sculpture, sound installation, painting, drapery, reflection, oxidization, and glaciations are just a few of the techniques the artists use, proposing a new lecture of Louis XIV’s gardens.

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Around the exhibition

Audioguide image

On site, the Garden of Versailles app allows visitors to be guided through the whole exhibition, thanks to audio commentary (in English) from Jean de Loisy, President of the Palais de Tokyo and curator of the exhibition.