02 February 2023 • Press release

“Virtually Versailles” in Hong Kong and Macao in 2023

The Palace of Versailles’ immersive experience continues its Asian tour

In 2023, the Palace of Versailles is jetting off again to meet audiences around the world with its Virtually Versailles experience travelling to Hong Kong and Macao for the first time. Designed as an exploratory taster of the Palace, the Virtually Versailles immersive experience leads audiences deep into the heart of Versailles through ground-breaking technology: augmented reality, virtual reality, connected bikes and 360-degree projections.

Virtually Versailles IN 2023

Following on from Singapore in 2018 and Shanghai in 2021, 2023 will see both Hong Kong and Macao welcome the Virtually Versailles immersive exhibition. The experience here is an interactive, smell and sound immersion into the Palace and its grounds, as visitors wander through 360-degree digital projections of some of Versailles’ most iconic spaces: the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Opera, the Battles’ Gallery, and the Mercury and Venus Rooms. Visitors can also hop on a connected bike for a fun tour of Versailles’ gardens, or get close to masterpieces from the Versailles art collections thanks to the “Versailles VR—The Palace Is Yours” virtual reality experience.

Each edition features a visitor itinerary adapted to inspire local audiences to visit Versailles in the future. 


Virtually Versailles in Hong Kong 

The Virtually Versailles exhibition in Hong Kong runs from 19 April to 9 July 2023 at the Heritage Museum for the 30th anniversary of the French May Arts Festival, one of Asia’s biggest cultural highlights.


Virtually Versailles in Macao

The Virtually Versailles exhibition in Macao runs from 28 July 2023 at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort as part of the Art Macao international biennale.

The Palace of Versailles aims to roll out the Virtually Versailles exhibition in new regions around the world to inspire as many people as possible to come and explore Versailles, its history and collections.

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360-degree projection of the Hall of Mirrors - Virtually Versailles 2018

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"Versailles VR - The Palace Is Yours" - Virtually Versailles 2018

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Connected bikes - Virtually Versailles 2018

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Projection 360-degree projection of the Mercury Roio du salon de Mercure - Virtually Versailles 2018

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