Versailles in 3D

Heritage, arts and technological innovation come together. The Palace of Versailles now offers many 3D models of rooms and emblematic works of art on the Sketchfab platform. Discover the place or deepen your exploration by playing around with these 3D models!  

Discover the Palace and its works of art

As a true virtual immersion platform, Sketchfab is a great way to enrich your visiting experience. Find free and original 3D models you can observe and handle as you please!  The King's Chamber , the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Chapel, the Queen's Chambers, the Royal Opera House, and the Coronation Chamber are some of the rooms which are now open to you and in which you can have a wander round. Discover all the hidden corners of some of the many pieces of art furnishing, such as the exceptional organ of the Royal Chapel , one of the rare full-length statues of Louis XIV by Jean Warin or the King's Bed. Explore these 3D models and lie down in the King’s bed! If you are curious enough, new cultural contents enrich and come with these sketchfab models.

The King’s Chambers 

The Royal Opera House 

The Coronation Chamber 

With the Sketchfab platform, the Palace of Versailles offers you the opportunity to enter its premises and explore its nooks and crannies and historical insights, at any time, whenever you wish. This innovative interaction with the heritage of Versailles will allow you to personalise, diversify and extend your visit in your own way.

discovering the queen's hamlet

The Queen's Hamlet

The Marlborough tower

the statues of the royal chapel

Finally, discover the statues of the Royal Chapel, whose restoration was completed in 2021 after 3 years of work.

Saint Barthélémy

Saint Augustin

The office of Louis XV

Opening the desk and its drawers

Exploded view of the 2,800 parts of the office

Hidden office mechanisms

Discover the sketchfab models

When the virtual and heritage meet

The partnership between the Palace of Versailles and Google Arts & Culture was set up to combine the riches of our historical heritage and the innovation of new technologies, to make them accessible to all.

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