The official Palace of Versailles app offers you audio tours and an interactive map of the entire Estate.

The app is available for free and available for smartphones and tablets. It includes the audio tours of the Palace, the Gardens, the Trianon Estate and the Gallery of Coaches. It includes also an interactive map of the Estate. It can be used without an Internet connection.

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 available audio tours in 12 languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, russian, ukrainian, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese)
  • The State Apartments 
  • The apartments of Louis XV’s daughters
  • The apartments of the Dauphin
  • Gallery of Great Battles - The Historical Galleries
  • The Empire rooms


 available audio tours in 10 languages (French, English, Spanish, italian, russian, Portuguese, korean, mandarin, japanese)
    • The Louis XIV rooms


     available audio tours in French, English, Spanish, ukrainian
    • The Gardens
    • The Petit Trianon
    • The Grand Trianon


     available audio tours in French, English, Spanish
    • The Gardens (kid audio tour)
    • Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens (+ kid audio tour)
    • The Queen's Hamlet
    • The Gardens of the Trianon
    • The Admirable trees at Trianon
    • The Gallery of Coaches


     Available audio tours in french and english
    • Admirable Sculptures of the Gardens
    • The Sculptures and Moulding Galeries

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    The features of the app include :

    • the audio tours of the Palace, the Trianon estate and the Gardens,
    • the audio tour of the Gallery of Coaches,
    • an interactive geolocated map of the Estate covering more than 500 points of interest,
    • useful information to plan your visit: opening times, access, advice. 


    Let the app guide you…

    Using the app’s audio commentaries, discover the routes that are open to visitors, the most prestigious areas of the Palace, as well as the least explored corners of the grounds. There are audio, text and video bonuses for extra information. You can add ‘favorites’ which help you return to the places you have selected.




    Explore without getting lost …

    Thanks to the interactive map, it’s easy to find services (Wi-Fi, toilets, restaurants, etc.) and places of interest in the Palace, the Gardens of Versailles (the Groves, the Orangery, Latona Fountain…), the Trianon Estate (Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, the Queen’s Hamlet...) and the Park (the Grand Canal, the Royal Star...). Using geolocation you can quickly see which services and places of interest are close by.




    Planning your visit...

    Opening times, transport, advice, FAQ, etc.  The app gives you the information you need to make the most of your visit and choose the best day to come, depending on the crowds and the programme of events. The app offers direct access to the Palace ticketing service and to the Palace e-boutique.

    The app is also availble in French and in Spanish.


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    Charge your phone

    Enjoy self-service, free and secure charging stations for all types of mobile phone. You can locate the charging stations on the interactive map or  directly on the mobile app. 


    You can book also an audioguide about the palace. It is available in 12 languages. You can pick it up at a special counter in the Vestibule of the Gabriel Pavilion