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The Coach Gallery

Duration: 1hr, afternoons only

Recommended season: All seasons

Place(s) : Les Écuries royales, La galerie des Carrosses

Contemporary Art in Versailles

Duration: Depends on the exhibition

Recommended season: High season

Place(s) : Le Château, Les Jardins

One Palace, a multi-facetted history

Duration: 1h30

Recommended season: All seasons

Place(s) : Le Château

The Marvels of the Palace

Duration: 1.5hrs

Recommended season: All seasons

Place(s) : Le Château

Gardens and Fountains

Duration: 2hrs

Recommended season: All seasons, but avoiding days when the Grandes Eaux Fountain Display or Musical Gar-dens are being held.

Place(s) : Les Jardins

Trianon, Countryside Palaces

Duration: 4hrs, afternoons only

Recommended season: All seasons

Place(s) : Le Grand Trianon , Le Petit Trianon, Le hameau de la reine

  • Key information
  • Disabled visitors and visitors with reduced mobility
  • For all the family
  • For children under 6 years
  • Mobile App

The Palace receives a large number of visitors in high season, especially on Tuesdays and at weekends. Please consult the home page to find out more. We recommend coming to the Palace when it opens at 9am, then going to the Trianon Estate in the afternoon.

Photography without flash is permitted in the Palace rooms. Selfie sticks are prohibited.

Please beware of pickpockets inside and outside the Palace.

Certain items (large bags, suitcases, rucksacks, umbrellas, pushchairs, baby carriers with metal frames, sharp objects etc.) are prohibited in the Palace rooms and may be left at the left luggage desk.

Two free Wi-Fi points are available, one in the Main Courtyard and the other at the entrance to the gardens. Here you can download the visit application for the Palace.

Before the Palace was built… there was a mill here! Make sure you dress in warm clothing, even in summer, due to the wind and drafts in the Palace.

Don’t hesitate to contact the department for specific visitors on 00 33 (0)1 30 83 75 05 or at

Feel free to ask the welcome and security staff for advice and information about your visit. They can help you access certain spaces via more accessible routes that are not open to the general public. 

Wheelchairs are available in the Palace of Versailles and the Grand Trianon. People who use walking sticks or crutches can leave them at the left luggage desk and borrow a wheelchair to visit the site in greater comfort.

There are lifts leading to the different floors of the Palace, allowing access to the whole State Apartments visit route and the toilets.

Sign up for one of the family activities on offer during the school holidays or find out about the activities organized by the Equestrian Academy.

Add to the experience by downloading the games booklet or ask for one at one of the information points and enjoy a visit that will please even the most curious minds…

Download the free applications for the Palace of Versailles, all of which propose visit routes suitable for visitors aged 7 years or more.

  • Palace audio guide: Follow the guide through the King’s apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s apartments, the Chapel, but also lesser known areas such as the Gallery of Battles or the apartments of Louis XV’s daughters. Download on iPhone and Android.
  • "Énigmes à Versailles” with the “Ombres sur Versailles" or "Noces à Versailles" visit route. Download on iPhone and Android.
  • “Versailles gardens” with the Master Fountain Engineers visit route. Download on iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • “Palaces and Gardens of Trianon” with the “Looking for Marie-Antoinette” visit route. Download on iPhone and Android.

For the Palace visit there is a free audio guide in 11 languages, available at the start of the visit. The audio guide is suitable for children over 7 years. The audio content, except for the children’s content, is also available on the mobile application.


Pushchairs and baby carriers with a metal frame are not allowed in the Palace rooms and can be left at the left luggage desk. It is advisable to bring a sling or baby carrier without a metal frame.

Toilets with baby changing facilities are available upon arrival at the Palace without needing a ticket. They are located in the South Ministers’ Wing on the left-hand side of the Main Courtyard. More baby changing facilities are available on the basement level in the Dufour Pavilion and can be accessed at the start and end of the Palace visit, as well as next to the Grand Trianon.

To avoid waiting time at the audioguide desk, download now the free mobile app with all audioguides and information about you visit.

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