Virtual Exhibitions Google Arts & Culture partnership

These exhibitions developed specially for the web allow to tackle new themes. Thanks to the alliance of Google technologies and works chosen by the curators, the visitor plunges into interactive frescoes and discovers the paintings, sculptures and engravings in a new light.

Louis XIV / Nicolas Fouquet: a certain history of taste

This exhibition takes a new look at Louis XIV and Nicolas Fouquet, two men of power that history has all too often shown in conflict, forgetting what they had in common, notably their tastes and artistic influences.

Curators of the exhibition: Lynda Frenois, Manager of the Palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte and its collections, and Mathieu Da Vinha, Scientific Director of the Palace of Versailles Research Centre


Louis XIV, the construction of a political image

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Over 200 painted portraits and 750 engravings depicting the Sun-King's omnipotence have survived. This exhibition presents a selection of the most significant of them and, through Louis XIV's different portraits, show that the monarch was able, like no one else, to render art into an instrument of power.
Curator of the exhibition: Béatrice Sarrazin, curator in charge of the XVIIe century paintings.


Immortalising Versailles

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Through photos of the domain, taken since the invention of photography at the XIXe century, discover the contemporary history of the Palace: official visits of foreign heads of state, views of the park following 1999's storm, restorations, and portfolios left by famous photographers.

Curator of the exhibition: Karine McGrath, responsible for the archives.


fashion at Versailles

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Versailles fashion still inspires great designers today. It was in the 1780s, during Louis XVI’s reign, that trends in women's and men's fashion began to emerge. The two virtual exhibitions suggest to decipher these codes which have emerged around the iconic figure of Marie-Antoinette.

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Curators of the exhibition: Géraldine Bidault, responsible for the digital photo library and for online collections, curator of the digital exhibition, and Vincent Bastien, doctor of art history, assistant of the curators and curator of the digital exhibition.


a place at the royal table

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On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), many events are organized in Europe to celebrate the gastronomic heritage.
The Association of European Royal Residences, including the palace of Versailles, offers the virtual exhibition: "A place at the Royal Table".
Curators of the exhibition: Élisabeth Caude and Géraldine Bidault.


Sciences at Versailles