26 August 2021 • Press release

The Palace of Versailles launches two environmentally responsible collections

This autumn, the Palace of Versailles is presenting two upcycling collections in collaboration with young French brands: Le Lissier and Gaëlle Constantini. The creations are made from the fabrics used in the scenography for the exhibition "Hyacinthe Rigaud or the Sun Portrait", and will be available exclusively on the Palace of Versailles online shop. 

An environmentally responsible approach

These unique products are available in very limited editions, and are the fruit of a partnership between the Palace of Versailles and two young French brands, Le Lissier and Gaëlle Constantini, specialists in upcycling. This process, which consists of giving a new life to second-hand objects, has enabled them to create unique and original products. These creations benefit from a high-quality raw material: the hundreds of metres of fabric used for the scenography of the exhibition "Hyacinthe Rigaud or the Sun Portrait", presented in May 2021 at the Palace of Versailles, which became available after the exhibition.

This approach is in line with the desire Palace of Versailles has had for several years, to reuse certain materials from exhibitions and construction: signage, scenography and decorative tarpaulins.

An outstanding material

The décor of the exhibition was entrusted to the Italian scenography designer Pier Luigi Pizzi, who is known for his spectacular work. It was punctuated by thirteen variations of a fabric designed with the famous Venetian company Rubelli. This fabric was inspired by the colours of the artist's palette, and was made with gold thread to evoke the refinement of the Court of Versailles.


Two ethical colaborations

Le Lissier 
A pair of sustainable trainers

Le Lissier is a specialist in the manufacture of trainers made from upcycled fabrics, linking the old with the new. 
By reusing the fabrics in the exhibition Hyacinthe Rigaud, Le Lissier offers a collection of exceptional trainers, each featuring a unique cut of fabric.

Gaëlle Constantini
Picnic accessories and decorative items
With seven years of experience in the field of upcycling and only working according to this principle, Gaëlle Constantini has designed a collection of accessories for outdoor lunches and decoration.


Orders available:
On the Palace of Versailles online shop:

Sneakers Château de Versailles x Le Lissier: €159
Picnic accessories Gaëlle Constantini: from 39 to €125
Decorative items Gaëlle Constantini: from 65 to €95

Press release

Press release


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Versailles X Gaelle Constantini picnic accessories

Gaelle Contantini 2021

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Versailles X Gaelle Constantini picnic accessories

© EPV/ C. Milet

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Trainers Versailles X Le Lissier

© Le Lissier, 2021 © Nicole Carrouset

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Trainers Versailles X Le Lissier

© Nicole Carrouset

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Scenography of the exhibition Hyacinthe Rigaud or the Sun Portrait, 2021

© EPV. / D. Saulnier

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