Event The European Night of Museums 2024

The European Night of Museums returns for its 20th edition on Saturday, May 18th, offering a unique opportunity to visit emblematic cultural sites. This year, the Petit Trianon and its French gardens are in the spotlight.

The European Night of Museums

Exceptionally, on Saturday May 18th 2024, the Palace of Versailles will be offering a nocturnal tour of the Petit Trianon. Visitors will be able to discover the small residence designed by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel for King Louis XV, and which Queen Marie-Antoinette would later mark with her own style.

A path of light leads through the gardens to the Queen's Theater, the French Pavilion and the King's Garden at the Grand Trianon. 

They will be accompanied on their stroll by posted guides who will explain the historical and artistic context in which these spaces were built and decorated.

Twelve pianists and four harpists from the Regional Conservatory will perform pieces from different periods on the theme of nocturnes.

The petit trianon

Not far from the palace, Louis XIV gave free rein to his love of architecture and gardens by creating an estate reserved for his personal use. Built on the site of a former village, the estate naturally retained its name: Trianon. Louis XV and then Queen Marie-Antoinette in turn fell under the spell of the estate, contributing to its development and embellishment.

The Petit Trianon

© EPV / Thomas Garnier


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For this event, the palace of Versailles invites all visitors to share their experience on social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #Versaillesbynight.


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