One year after the “Galerie des rois”, the Palace of Versailles and Saint-Louis are unveiling the “Galerie des reines” collection in tribute to four iconic queens. This collection of four crystal wine glasses inspired by Versailles décors once again celebrates the bonds of glass-making know-how and historic friendship between the two institutions.
The gift case is available only by pre-order between 1st June and 30th September 2020, with profits going to the restoration and refurnishing of the Palace of Versailles.

Four cristal-footed GLASSES, four queens

“Galerie des reines” pays tribute to four iconic queens from Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche to Marie-Amélie de Bourbon-Siciles. The varied patterns show the full range of know-how at Saint-Louis, and draw their inspiration from the decorative arts in fashion at the Palace of Versailles under the respective reigns of these illustrious queens.

These short-stemmed footed glasses with their generous bowls and ringed stems boast ideal handling for easy, convenient daily use. The stamped bases make the perfect pretext to engage in the art of conversation. The crown pattern is cut in the glass and revealed as you drink, while the identity of each queen is unveiled at the end of the meal.

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a modern emblem of a historic friendship

The “Galerie des reines” gift case adds a new chapter to the long history that unites these two prestigious houses, symbols of French excellence, know-how and lifestyle.

The parisons of the “Galerie des reines” stemmed glasses refer those of the “Galerie des rois” tumblers, inspired by a royal “pas de deux. A complete table enlivened by history but anchored in modernity, and as mismatched as you’d like it.

Versailles and les Cristalleries Saint-Louis

Founded in 1586, the glass factory took the name of Saint-Louis - a reference to Louis IX – when Louis XV signed the letters patent that gave it the title of “Royal” manufacture in 1767. This bond between the Palace and the manufacture is renewed through times and pieces. In 1834, the "Trianon" collection of tableware set the standard for beautifully dressed tables. In 1921, the silhouette of the iconic "Versailles" vase was based on the vessels in the Palace gardens. In 1938, in honour of the Tommies, British soldiers during the First World War, Versailles hosted a lunch with the King of England, George VI. Taking pride of place at the banquet were 2,200 glasses from the "Tommy" service. The "Galerie des rois" collection slots nicely into the historical timeline that binds the Palace and the manufacture. 



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