The Palace of Versailles and Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis have joined forces to present the « Galerie des Rois » gift set, gathering four crystal tumblers inspired by decorative motifs at Versailles. Released as a limited edition, the gift set will only be available to purchase on a pre-order basis from 16 May to 30 September 2019. The profits will go towards the restoration and refurnishing of the Palace of Versailles.

Four tumblers inspired by four kings

The superimposition of eras and styles at Versailles still provides incredibly fertile ground for contemporary creation. In homage to four kings who particularly influenced the history and standing of the Palace of Versailles, Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis has designed a set of four tumblers inspired by the stylistic features of the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Louis-Philippe in partnership with the museum’s conservation team.

“With these four tumblers evoking the tastes of four different kings, Les Cristalleries Saint-Louis builds a bridge between heritage and creation that returns the Palace of Versailles to its time,” explains Catherine Pégard, Chairman of the Public Establishment, Museum and National Estate of Versailles.

This exceptional collection, produced by master glassmakers and expert glass-cutters holding the prestigious title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, is the result of an ancestral know-how : mouth-blown crystal cut, engraved and decorated by hand.

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Versailles and les Cristalleries Saint-Louis

Founded in 1586, the glass factory took the name of Saint-Louis - a reference to Louis IX – when Louis XV signed the letters patent that gave it the title of “Royal” manufacture in 1767. This bond between the Palace and the manufacture is renewed through times and pieces. In 1834, the "Trianon" collection of tableware set the standard for beautifully dressed tables. In 1921, the silhouette of the iconic "Versailles" vase was based on the vessels in the Palace gardens. In 1938, in honour of the Tommies, British soldiers during the First World War, Versailles hosted a lunch with the King of England, George VI. Taking pride of place at the banquet were 2,200 glasses from the "Tommy" service. The "Galerie des rois" collection slots nicely into the historical timeline that binds the Palace and the manufacture. 



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