50 young people aged between 14 and 18 are taking part in the workshops and the exhibition organised with the Le Bel Air medico-educational institut.

Discovery and creation

In 2016-2017, the Palace of Versailles wanted to reaffirm its commitment to the right to art for all with Le Bel Air, the Yvelines medico-educational institute, by developing a project of actions for cultural and artistic education for young people with intellectual disabilities and behavioural and/or personality disorders.

In early October 2016 the participants enjoyed an introduction to photography by one of the Palace photographers in Marie-Antoinette's Estate. A few days later they took part in a day in which they discovered entertainment in the Court of Versailles in the 18th century in the Trianon estate. The different forms of entertainment were presented in the form of theatre sketches. It also provided the participants with an opportunity to use what they learned during the photography workshop to create a photographic report of the location and performances.

The young people were later invited to workshops organised by professional plastic artists in the Le Bel Air institute, during which they each made two plastic arts works based on their photos taken during their day at Trianon.

© Axel Fauvage 


In February, a panel of judges will chose 50-60 works from among the participants' creations. The works will be reproduced on a larger scale and displayed for a month in June 2017 during a unique exhibition in the Trianon estate.

An exhibition catalogue will be created to provide everyone with a souvenir of the experience.

This action is realised with the patronage of  Fondation Terrévent  and Fondation EDF.