Latona fountain A masterpiece of the gardens reborn

Etat des lieux Collection

Le Bassin de Latone

Directed by Pierre-André Lablaude
With Artlys' éditions, 2015
24 x 22 cm, 84 p., 17.00 €
ISBN : 978-2-85495-617-7

bilingual book french - english

Its garden, its golden lead peasants and animals, its water effects and its gorgeous marble sculpture at the top make Latona Fountain a gem at the heart of the Gardens of Versailles. Designed by Le Nôtre in 1665 and embellished by Hardouin-Mansart, it has regained today its splendor thanks to exemplary restoration works.

This book tells the story of this masterpiece and reviews step by step the process of its renovation, which was a success thanks to the extraordinary skills of the gardeners, hydraulic engineers, masons, stone and marble quarries, marble and metal restorers, molders, slater-plumbers and gilders who partook.


Contents : 

Latona Fountain’s History
The building of a masterpiece
The legend of Latona
Photo gallery
An exceptional restoration site

The restoration of the Fountain and its surrounding garden