Nicolas B. Jacquet
with editions Parigramme, 2011
14 x 21 cm, 208 p., 19 € TTC
ISBN 978-2-84096-751-4

available in English and French

A royal lookout in the heart of the city, a fireproof ministry, a garden built as an Anglo-Chinese folly, peculiar paving stones in front of the Palace entrance, hidden passageways and staircases, an amazing « Room of Beauties », an old wall in the roof space above the Hall of Mirrors, courtiers at the corners of a ceiling, the workshop of an ironworking king, a kennel in an antechamber, an eighteenth-century clock programmed to work until 9999, the desk which ended a world war, a giant underground water tank, a farm on the royal grounds, sleighs for sliding along the frozen Grand Canal, enigmatic female sphinxes… the curiosities ans secrets of Versailles still have surprises in store !

Contents :


Versailles, the city
The Palace
Versailles, the park

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