Demonstrate your powers of observation and find the different items hidden in the works of the Palace of Versailles collections.


View of the Palace and gardens of Versailles from the Avenue de Paris, 1668 by Pierre Patel

Look closely and try to find:

  • The holding pounds
  • The water tower obscurcing Thetis’ grotto
  • The Grand Canal
  • The royal coach

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The Coronation of Napoleon and crowning of Josephine at Notre-Dame in Paris, 2 December 1804

The Coronation of Napoleon, painted between 1805 and 1808 by Jacques-Louis David, is an iconic painting from the Emperor’s reign.
Look closely at the work and have fun, first of all, by trying to find the painter himself… who is sketching the scene from the gallery above, beneath the great curtains. Then find Napoleon’s family:

  • His sisters Caroline, Pauline and Elisa, standing side by side, one of them dressed in pink,
  • His brothers Joseph and Louis, swathed in gold-embroidered capes,
  • His mother Letizia, wearing a tiara and veil,
  • His sister-in-law Hortense, holding the only child in the painting by the hand.

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Louis XIV and the royal family

Just look at all the people in this painting of Louis XIV and the royal family painted by Jean Nocret in 1670!
All of Louis XIV’s family members are represented as gods and goddesses. Look closely and try to find:

  • The five people who are wearing a crown
  • The shining sun – emblem of King Louis XIV
  • The sea goddess, holding a branch of coral
  • The queen of the gods, sitting next to the only creature that can fan its tail out into a circle
  • Cupid, the god of love, complete with his quiver.

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