Alain Baraton
with editions Artlys, 2013
17 x 24 cm, 80 p., 9.00 € TTC
ISBN  978-2-85495-491-3

available in english and french

From grand parterres to groves, not to mention the Orangery and basins, the Trianon Estate or the Queen's Hamlet, the renowned gardener Alain Baraton takes you on a journey which changes with each passing season. He gives a fascinating presentation of the gardens and grounds of Versailles in all of their splendour and traces the history of this masterpiece created by Le Nôtre for Louis XIV while leading us along paths once trodden by kings and queens.


Contents : 


Walks from east to west and south to north
The water parterre
The Latona parterre
The Royal avenue and Apollo's chariot
The Grand Canal
The Royal orangery and the pond of the Swiss
The south parterre and the north parterre
The water avenue
The Dragon fountain and the Neptune basin
The Triumphal arch and the Three fountains

Walks in the avenues and groves
The Ballroom and the Queen's grove
The Rond Vert and Etoile groves
The baths of Apollo grove
The Girandole grove and the Dauphin's grove
The King's Garden
The Colonnade
The Chestnut grove
The Dome grove
The Enceladus grove
The Obelisk grove and the Basins of the Four Seasons

Walks in the grounds of Versailles and the Trianon gardens
The park of Versailles
The Trianon Estate
The parterres of the Grand Trianon
The park of the Grand Trianon
The Petit Trianon gardens
The Queen's Hamlet

The gardener's seasons