Cycling in the estates of Versailles and Marly

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With several dozen kilometres of pathways, the Estates of Versailles and Marly are a great place for cyclists, either on their own, as a family, or with a group, on self-guided routes.

From Louis XIV's official residence…

Bicycle lovers will be able to ride down the pathways through the park of the Palace or along the banks of the Grand Canal on either paved roads or dirt paths.

The Palace of Versailles Park is open to cyclists. However, the gardens of the Palace and the Estate of Trianon gardens are off-limit to bicycles.

Cyclists along the banks of the Grand Canal

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…to the Sun King's leisure palace

Cyclists can access the Estate of Marly, the former leisure palace of the Kings of France from Louis XIV to Louis XVI, via the Royal Star Gate and the D7 departmental road and ride down its paths and trails through the forest.

Marly Park

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Authorized itinerary

 Download the map of the Estate of Marly 

Bicycle access

Accessing the Estate of Versailles by bicycle:

  • via the Queen's Gate 
  • via the Sailors' Gate 
  • via the Saint Anthony Gate 
  • via the Royal Star Gate (only in high season)

Accessing the Estate of Marly by bicycle:

  • via Route de la Grille Royale 
  • via Route de Marly 
  • via Route de Bacchus 
  • Via Allée Saint-Denis 
  • Via Route de Maintenon

Bicycle access to the Estates of Versailles and Marly is free and permitted every day of the year.

Consult the opening hours for the Estates of Versailles and Marly 

Bicycle hire

Bicycles for adults and children as well as tandem bicycles can be hired from several places in the Palace Park.

Learn more about bicycle hire in the Park

Parking your bicycle

Bicycle racks are available in different spots throughout the Estate of Versailles: in front of the Place d’Armes, next to the Queen's Gate in the Park, near the Grand Trianon, near the Petit Trianon, and near La Flottille restaurant and the Petite Venise.

Bicycle rack near the Petit Trianon

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Bicycle rack near the Grand Trianon

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Bicycle rack near the Queen's Gate

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Coming to the palace by bicycle

From Versailles Rive Droite station

Itinerary from Versailles Rive Droite station

From Versailles Chantiers station

Itinerary from Versailles Chantiers station

From Paris (Porte Maillot) via the Bois de Boulogne, the Parc de Saint-Cloud, and the Forêt de Fausses Reposes

Itinerary from Paris (Porte Maillot) 

From Paris - Châtelet

Itinerary from Paris - Châtelet 

From Saint-Cloud station

Itinerary from Saint-Cloud (station)

Repairing your bicycle

Does your bicycle need a repair? The following professionals in Versailles can help you:

The Véloscénie

Explore Versailles by bike and discover a unique experience on the route of the Véloscénie. The Véloscénie is a 450-kilometer cycling trail that offers cyclists an exceptional experience as they pass through varied landscapes, historic towns and natural wonders, from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel.