Emergency Campaign

"With the support of the State, but also of all the people who love Versailles, we are fighting. We hope to get through this difficult period without letting go of what makes the Estate’s core greatness, so that it continues to shine throughout the world " Catherine Pégard, President

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With a drop of 80% in attendance the Establishment’s revenue is severly affected. However, the Palace of Versailles has to continue its activities and to assume routine maintenance costs of around 15 million euros per year (gardening, watering, roofing, heating...).  It is equally crucial to keep running great site projects such as the restoration of the Royal Chapel and the Dauphin’s Apartments or the replanting of the Queen’s grove, which cannot be postponed anymore.


Versailles, an attractive place

The Palace of Versailles is an undeniable touristic asset for France and a remarkable showcase for the finest craftsmanship. It also generates 2,500 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs. By supporting Versailles, you are contributing to the attractiveness of French cultural heritage.


How to act ?

Renewing its cultural program, the Palace of Versailles aims to spark curiosity and passion among visitors.

Support the Palace of Versailles by visiting its newly opened spaces: the Gallery of Sculptures and Mouldings, the Louis-Philippe Apartment at the Grand Trianon, which will be opening soon open to the public, and the attics of the North and South Wings, which will be included in the tour route in December.

The Palace of Versailles needs your visit but also your exceptional support to catch its breath. Please make a donation and help the Palace of Versailles.

I support Versailles