Fireworks show Louis XIV, the Fire King

© Thierry Nava, Groupe F

The magnificent Louis XIV, the Fire King fireworks show returns for new dates in July 2017! Fire and flames, fireworks, video, luminous figures and fire bearers: Groupe F fittingly celebrates the Sun King and his glory!

During the 30 years of construction, to stage the splendor of his domain, the King invented extraordinary festivals for the gardens; in 1664, the Pleasures of the Enchanted Island brought together all artistic talents of the time, around the King and his Court, for an unforgettable event, which remains the symbol of Court celebrations. Fireworks played a central role, as they still do today.

In Louis XIV, the Fire King, the Sun King himself stages the show. The true master of pyrotechnics, he guides us through multiple light and fire tableaux. In turns, you will see Mars and war, representing the young victorious sovereign; another tableau evokes the god Apollo, a symbol of youthful beauty and protector of the Arts, so dear to the Great King; then Jupiter, king of the gods and symbol of supreme power, brilliantly illustrated by King Louis, the state reformer. And the final tableau of course shows his emblem, the Sun and displays his power over all and his universal glory, ending with an unforgettable pyrotechnics finale, as only Groupe F can offer.