the Palace is Yours

Thanks to the partnership between the Palace of Versailles and Google Arts & Culture, you can now visit the Palace of Versailles using virtual reality. VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours gives you the opportunity to freely explore the State Apartments, discover incredible new cultural and multimedia content, and enjoy an extraordinary range of works of art and furniture from every angle. 

VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours combines strong innovation and a desire to share the rich history of the Palace. Experience all of these incredible features for free in French, English, or Chinese using your own VR equipment, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. 

The virtual reality visitors' app is available on Steam: 

Download VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours on Steam

A unique visit

This new virtual reality visitors’ app allows you to discover the Palace as it is today and enjoy a wide range of exclusive cultural content. Not only can you visit the Palace, but you can also relive your visit and even improve it!

Enjoy a fully immersive experience and freely explore the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments, the Royal Chapel, the Royal Opera House, the Hall of Mirrors, and so much more! You can experience the magic of the Palace by yourself, from the comfort of your own home, day or night. There is even a feature which removes the chandeliers so you can see the ceilings of each room in incredible detail.

Put on your headset and be transported to the Hall of Mirrors during the night-time.   

Hall of Mirrors in VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours.

© Château de Versailles, 2019. 

The virtual tour gives you access to more than 150 works of art with commentary from the museum’s scientific teams. As well as exclusive access to commentaries and antiquities, the app allows you to look at the Palace’s furniture, paintings, and objets d’art objects as closely as you want and move them around as you wish. You can also examine a huge selection of painted ceilings as if you were only a few centimetres away! 

Gain exclusive access to rooms with the VR headset

As well as transporting you to the Palace, VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours grants you exclusive access to places such as the Royal Chapel, which can usually only be visited as part of a guided tour. The VR experience even lets you climb onto the stage! And why not travel to the King’s Chamber, where you can go behind the curtains surrounding the King’s bed? Delve into the Palace’s secrets and discover what this interactive and immersive experience has to offer. 

Through photogrammetry technology, the app recreates spaces just as they are in real life by using thousands of photographs. This technology allowed the engineers to recreate the world-famous décor and objects that make the Palace of Versailles so culturally rich. 

The Royal Opera in VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours.

© Château de Versailles, 2019. 

As well as detailed reconstitution of the rooms, the app includes high-definition photos of artwork in the Palace, which allow you to view the rich history of Versailles in unique conditions. The app also offers exclusive audio guide content for each room. 

A partnership with visitors in mind

The Palace of Versailles has an ambitious technological policy which aims to share knowledge with visitors - including digital visitors - and encourage new visitors to the Palace through new content and tools. Since 2009, the Palace has worked in partnership with Google Arts & Culture. The collaboration aims to showcase the Palace’s collections on new software and develop a large quantity of innovative, free and accessible content through the Google Arts & Culture app and platform. Visits in StreetView, videos of 3D reconstructions of the Palace, galleries dedicated to its history, and works of art reproduced in gigapixels are just some of the many projects launched with Google Arts & Culture that now use virtual reality. Most of these joint projects are accessible via a specifically designed web page, which was created for the launch of VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours.

Versailles & Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

Experience Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is offering a virtual reality experience with the application “Experience Versailles”, created with Fondation Orange, which allows visitors to relive the visit by the Ambassador of Siam to the Court of Louis XIV in 1686 and the Yew Ball held by Louis XV.

Marie Antoinette

Virtual Exhibition

Fashion at Versailles

The partnership between the Palace of Versailles and the Google Cultural Institute continues through the international project« We Wear Culture » with the creation of two virtual exhibitions : « Fashion at Versailles : Her » et « Fashion at Versailles : Him ».

Virtual exhibition

"A Place at the Royal Table” virtual exhibition

The European Royal Residences Association, including the Palace of Versailles and in partnership with Google Cultural Institute, is holding a virtual exhibition titled "A Place at the Royal Table" as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.