"A Place at the Royal Table” virtual exhibition

© RMN-GP (Château de Versailles) / © Gérard Blot

Come and take a seat at the royal table! Explore in detail works and items from different European royal residences and discover the dishes served at the royal tables.

The exhibition

As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (ECHY), numerous events are being organised across Europe to celebrate gastronomic heritage.

Twelve royal residences and members of the Network of European Royal Residences are taking part in the program of this virtual exhibition titled "A Place at The Royal Table". It provides an opportunity for the public to discover European cultural heritage through the gastronomy and culinary traditions that contribute to the culture of each country.

The virtual exhibition has been created through the Google Cultural Institute platform on which the Palace of Versailles has already held several exhibitions, including Fashion at Versailles

Virtual exhibition


  • Élisabeth Caude, conservateur général
  • Géraldine Bidault, gestionnaire de la photothèque

Royal residences taking part in the virtual exhibition

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Life on the estate

A place at the Royal Table

The European Royal Residences unveils the programme A Place at the Royal Table and invites you to join the many events devoted to the gastronomic heritage of European Courts, and enjoy a journey through time exploring culinary traditions!


Claire Adelfang

To mark the completion of the work on the Queen's House and its reopening, the Palace is hosting an exhibition of photos by Claire Adelfang, a young photographer who captured the location in 2015 before its restoration, in the Petit Trianon from 4 May to 2 September.

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