Instagram effects

© EPV / Thomas Garnier

The Palace of Versailles’ Instagram account features a wealth of visual and animated effects to help you discover its masterpieces in a novel way. Dive into the magical world of the artist Jean Cotelle, complete with augmented reality effects, at the Grand Trianon and around the Latona Fountain, or go meet the Rabbids.

Latona Fountain

Geolocalised effect

In a first for the design of augmented reality effects for social media, the Palace of Versailles has collaborated with Meta on a unique project to create a geolocalised effect around the Latona Fountain.

Inspired by the work and world of the artist Jean Cotelle, the effect depicts the key elements of the fountain – the statue of the Marsy brothers, the water jets and the toads – to illustrate the Latona myth. Once the filter is detected around the edges of the fountain, to get the most out of their visit and understand the myth better visitors can activate this educational and informative effect, which delivers a summary of the story of Latona and her twins.

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 How to use it

To use the filter, walk to within approximately 50 meters of the Latona Fountain. Open the Palace of Versailles’ Instagram account, activate the filter, then move around to marvel at the animations. You can then share them on your account.


The Latona myth

Latona was the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe, and mistress of Jupiter. She conceived two children by him, twins Diana and Apollo. Jupiter’s wife, Juno, consumed by jealousy, ordered her rival into exile and warned all lands to shun her. Latona reached the island of Delos, where she sought refuge to give birth. Immediately afterwards, she set off once more with her two young children, Diana and Apollo, eventually reaching Lycia, in Asia Minor, where she attempted to quench her thirst in a pond. It is this event that is represented in the gardens of Versailles.

The local peasants would not let her access the pond, even though she explained that she was thirsty and needed desperately to drink. Meanwhile, the children held out their arms to the peasants, to try to appeal to them, but they would not be moved. Latona looked to the sky and implored Jupiter to come to her aid. “May you live forever in the mire at the bottom of your pond!” she cried, whereupon the peasants began to metamorphose. Their hands grew webbed, their bellies became round and their faces contorted as they turned into frogs. Louis XIV’s intended message was clear: to show the divine protection enjoyed by Apollo, whom he adopted as his symbol.


The Grand Trianon

This new augmented reality effect, which you can activate from wherever you happen to be, takes you right into the heart of the gardens of the Grand Trianon. Use selfie mode to explore Jean Cotelle’s paintings as if you were part of the compositions themselves. All you need to do is open your Instagram account, then go to the Palace of Versailles account to activate the effect.

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The Rabbids have invaded Versailles! Wherever you are, the Palace of Versailles rabbids will appear, dressed in the style of the Louis XIV era, thanks to the Instagram effect Rabbids@Versailles.
It works in the same way as the mobile app created by Ubisoft.

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