Become a patron by adopting a clock from the Petit Trianon or the Grand Trianon and contribute to finance the restorations of these remarkable masterpieces.

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The Trianon clocks, masterpieces to be repaired

This winter, the Palace of Versailles is launching a new adoption campaign for the clocks of the Petit Trianon and Grand Trianon. Intended for Marie-Antoinette in the Petit Trianon or gifted to Napoleon Ist and the Empress to furnish their apartments of the Grand Trianon, these clocks are now undergoing comprehensive restoration.

The selection of material and their ornamental sophistication bear witness to the exceptional savoir-faire required for the creation of these clocks, marrying the greatest scientific rigor with aesthetic care to turn these pieces into true objets d’art.

A watchmaker of the Palace winding the Pendulum cage clock in the Grand Trianon



For the first part of this campaign, eight outstanding clocks are looking for their patrons.

Four clocks are located in the Petit Trianon : the Eaglet clock, the Pyramid clock, the Ancient alter clock and the Sphinx clock. The four other clocks belong to the Grand Trianon : the Urania clock, the Pendulum cage clock, the Crystal clock and "Le Point du jour". 

Clocks looking for a patron

© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN © Christophe Fouin

© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN © Christophe Fouin

© RMN-GP (Château de Versailles) © Gérard Blot

© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN © Christophe Fouin

© Château de Versailles

© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN © Christophe Fouin

© Château de Versailles

© Château de Versailles, Dist. RMN © Jean-Marc Manaï

By adopting a clock, you enable the restoration of unique pieces and take part in preserving unique technical know-how.

The mediation

This campaign includes the simultaneous launch on the Palace of Versailles app of a virtual explanatory visit around the remarkable clocks of the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon.

Its aim is to guide visitors in their discovery of the remarkable clocks of Trianon through historical, artistic and technical explanations for each of the clocks restored.

Become a patron

It costs €10,000 to adopt a clock, which helps finance its restoration as well as the development of a virtual explanatory visit on the Palace’s app.

By adopting a cost, you will receive a certificate bearing your name or the name of a person of your choice. Moreover, your gift is tax-deductible.

You are An individual paying tax in France A company with a subsidiary in France
Contribution €10,000 €10,000
Tax credit 66% 60%
Cost of patronage after tax credit €3,400 €4,000


In addition, as a token of gratitude for your generosity, you will receive for free a “1 Year in Versailles” annual card granting you unlimited access to the Palace for a full year.

By taking part in the adoption campaign for the clocks of Trianon, you can forge a lasting link with the Palace of Versailles and its estates, joining its circle of benefactors.


For more information, please contact the Patronage Department:

By phone: +33 (0)1 30 83 77 40

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