04 May 2022 Professional exchange with Angola

EPV / © Didier Saulnier

On the occasion of the "return" of the works Zéphyr, Flore et l’Amour and L’Abondance to the national collections, the Public Establishment of the Palace of Versailles has designed a scientific and cultural cooperation programme in partnership with the Angolan State. 

A Week of Discovery and Training

In parallel with the “Recovered Masterpieces” exhibition which runs until 5 June, the Palace of Versailles will host directors and curators of museums and cultural institutions from the Republic of Angola for a week of discovery and training with its staff.

The programme of this working seminar was developed in close collaboration with the Angolan government in order to respond in the most appropriate way to the demands and problems faced by Angolan museums. During their stay, the participants will discuss, along with their French counterparts, issues such as the management of collections, conservation and restoration techniques, the development of mediation and the visitor experience, and the attractiveness and outreach of the institutions. The different activities (visits, presentations, etc.) are an opportunity for a real sharing of experiences and to dive into the heart of the Establishment’s operations.

 Versailles expertise

In recent years, the Palace has sought to promote its expertise on an international scale with the creation of an operational unit, Versailles Expertise, which brings together various professionals from the Establishment who wish to share their skills with overseas institutions.

This expertise in cultural engineering can be applied in various areas, including exhibitions, garden design, preventive conservation, and management. In Africa, Versailles Expertise is already supporting a major heritage site in Ethiopia.


Support from TotalEnergies Foundation

This unprecedented exchange between international professionals has been made possible thanks to the patronage of TotalEnergies Foundation. The company has a longstanding commitment to supporting dialogue between cultures and, through its Corporate Foundation and the global TotalEnergies Foundation programme, it promotes culture and heritage projects based on the transfer of skills and expertises, with the aim of building bridges between beneficiaries.
The Foundation’s patronage also involves producing replicas of the sculptures placed in the gardens of the Angolan Embassy in Paris in April 2022.


Casting of L’Abondance to produce a replica of the work for the Republic of Angola.

EPV / © Didier Saulnier


This first meeting between Angolan and French professionals in Versailles will be followed by a second phase in Angola; at the instigation of the French Ministry of Culture, museum specialists will visit Angola in order to deepen the collaboration that has been initiated. This initiative is part of a partnership protocol signed in February 2022 between the Ministries of Culture of both countries.


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