To be a patron

To be a patron of Versailles is to become part of this chain that links together the history of yesterday, today and tomorrow - Passing down to the future generations the living memory of the history that has shaped us - Maintaining the knowledge of rare craftsmanship - Protecting this natural environment where flora, fauna and water interact with the arts - Creating a particular bond combining the shine of remarkable projects and the ambition of contributing to the well-being of the community.

A gesture accessible to as many as possible

Whether you are an individual, a company or a foundation, you can participate in a patronage project that suits you. All donations, whatever the amount, help to support our effort to preserve and enhance this world heritage that is also yours.

Every patronage gesture helps to keep this high place of artistic creation and excellence, that Versailles has always been, alive.

The support of our friends, may they be patrons or ambassadors to those who could become patrons, is a major asset.

Custom-made patronage

To be a patron of Versailles is to engage in an unusual adventure, in regards to the magnificence of the location, but it is also finding a project of one’s scale.

It is forging lasting links with this exceptional estate and sharing the pride of contributing to its preservation.

To join the circle of patrons of the Palace of Versailles, just get in touch with the Patronage Department that will be able to inform you and help you in your decision.

Marion Hugues 
+ 33 (0) 1 30 83 71 93 

You are an individual

Choosing to be a patron of Versailles is not only joining in the alliance of passions that get involved in this great joint project that is Versailles by keeping it alive, but also making a moment, a memory last and sharing your gesture with your dear ones.

In gratitude for your donation…

Benefit from a tax reduction

If you pay taxes in France, you will be entitled to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your donation, within a limit of 20% of your taxable income per year. If this limit is overrun, you can defer the surplus over the five subsequent years. 

Amount of your patronage

Tax reduction (66%)

Actual cost of your patronage

150 €

99 €

51 €

5,000 €

3,300 €

1,700 €

10,000 €

6,600 €

3,400 €



Your name will feature beside the artwork or the location you will have supported.

As far as the adoption of trees in the garden of Versailles is concerned, your name or the name of the person of your choice will be engraved, in calligraphy, on a certificate that will be given to you.

‘1 year in Versailles’ card

You will receive a ‘1 year in Versailles’ card granting unlimited and priority access to the Palace and Estate of Versailles for a year.


You will be invited to follow all the stages of the restoration on site or in the workshop, or to discover Versailles backstage.

Reception in honour of the patrons

You will be invited to the reception in honour of the patrons of Versailles, regularly organized at the Palace to bring together those that make Versailles today.

Photo rights

You will be licensed to use the photographs belonging to the Public Institution of the Palace of Versailles related to the artwork or the location you will have supported, for the creation of your greetings cards.

If you would like to participate and patron, in part, a heritage project, you can join the Friends of Versailles.

Faithful to their one-hundred-year-old vocation to defend and enhance the Palace of Versailles, the Friends of Versailles bring together all the donators wishing to make a contribution, even if modest, towards projects aiming to restore or enrich the collections of the Palaces of Versailles and Trianon.

Find out about the Friends of Versailles


You are a company or a foundation

To be a patron is to build bridges and to create bonds between several worlds. It is also gathering a company’s or a foundation’s strengths and knowledge around a project, so that each and every one may take credit for a little bit of ‘their’ Versailles.

Your patronage may be financial, in kind or in skills, or even ‘dual’: both financial and in skills.

Patronage in skills: being at the heart of the project

For companies with specific skills that could be mobilised for one of the Palace’s projects, a skill-based patronage allows to highlight the company’s expertise within the estate of Versailles (by involving teams to carry out the work or providing material, goods or equipment). It is an opportunity to create sense and motivation for all those involved.

The company can value its support according to its production cost and deduct 60%* of this amount from its corporate tax in France.

Choosing to become a patron of Versailles also means benefiting from:

Corporate tax reduction in France in the framework of the measures of the law of August 1st 2003

  • Equal to 90% of the amount of your donation for the purchase of a ‘National Treasure’ (capped at 50% of due corporate tax).
  • Equal to 60%* of the amount of your donation for any patronage operation - less or equal to 2 million euros - (within the limit of 0.5% of the company’s turnover before taxes, and with the option of allocating the surplus over the five subsequent years if the limit is overrun).

*French finance laws for 2020 (law n ° 2019-1479 of December 28, 2019) tightened the tax system for companies. The tax reduction rate of 60 % is maintained but lowered to 40 % for the fraction of annual donation payments exceeding 2 million euros.

Amount of your donation

Tax reduction (60%)

Amount of your consideration

Actual cost of your patronage

30,000 €

18,000 €

7,500 €

4,500 €

100,000 €

60,000 €

25,000 €

15,000 €

500,000 €

300,000 €

125,000 €

75,000 €

1,500,000 €

900,000 €

375,000 €

225,000 €


Examples for patronage operation equal to or greater than two million euros:

Amount of your donation           

Tax reduction according to the new French legislation        Amount of your consideration Actual cost of your patronage    
2 000 000 € 1 200 000€ 500 000€ 300 000€
2 500 000€


1 400 000€

(60% of 2M€ + 40% of amounts exceeding 2M€)

625 000€ 475 000€


Impactful communication opportunities

  • External communication : You will be directly associated to the entire Palace’s communication to the press and the greater public (conferences and visits) in relation to the operation you patron. You will benefit from a great exposure to the millions of visitors to the estate every year.
  • Internal corporate communication : You will be given the possibility to organise restoration workshop visits, meetings with curators, architects and conservators-restorers, conferences within the company around the supported project, seminars, meetings or assemblies in the Palace’s rooms or auditorium…

Acknowledgments and special honours

The name of your company will be honoured on:

  • A plaque regarding your project
  • The list of donators to the Palace of Versailles, engraved in the Lower Stone Gallery in the north wing of the Palace
  • Information and communication tools related to your project
  • The Palace of Versailles’ website

On the proposal of the Public Institution of the Palace, Museum and national Estate of Versailles, the Minister of Culture and Communication could honour you with the title of ‘Great Patron of the Ministry of Culture’.

Priority admission tickets and ’1 year in Versailles’ cards

You will be able to benefit from the free provision of priority admission tickets for the Palace at public opening times and/or ‘1 year in Versailles’ cards granting unlimited access to the Palace and Estate of Versailles at public opening times for one year or more…

Photo rights

You will be licensed to take photographs of, and record videos about, the project you will have supported, or to use photos belonging to the Public Institution of Versailles for any communication made around the patronage operation and for your corporate communication (annual reports, greetings cards, etc.).

Exceptional spaces for your public relations

Your patronage will entitle you to be provided with spaces throughout the estate of Versailles, Trianon and the gardens, for free, to host prestigious soirees and/or private tours… (from fewer than 10, up to more than 2,000 participants).

The Palace of Versailles’ expertise to transform your patronage benefits to serve a greater cause

You will have the option, for example, to use your patronage benefits to host one or several events specifically dedicated to certain parts of the public that have limited access to museums. For instance, an exceptional opening of the Palace on a Monday (weekly closing day) offers the freedom to make quirky discoveries and innovative activities aimed to encourage access for all to culture and heritage.

These patronage benefits are granted up to 25% of the amount of the donation.

How to donate when living in the United States

By being a resident of the United States, you can register your donation under US law (Section 501c of the Federal Tax Code - IRC) and thus benefit from a tax reduction.

The Palace of Versailles maintains close links with some Associations and Foundations. Find out which association is right for you.

French American Cultural Foundation

The French-American Cultural Foundation is committed to advancing and enhancing partnerships between France and America through initiatives in the arts, business, and sciences. They celebrate the shared culture between France and the United States and a way of life that emphasizes independence, creativity, and excellence.

Found out more about the French American Cultural Foundation

American Friends of Versailles

In accordance with the actions of the Société des Amis de Versailles, the American Friends of Versailles allows all donors who wish to contribute, even modestly, to the influence and promotion of the palaces of Versailles and Trianon.

Found out more about the American Friends of Versailles

The Versailles Foundation

The Versailles Foundation promotes French-American friendship and cultural exchange, primarily through providing support for the preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation of important French historical monuments. The Foundation welcomes contributions and bequests, designated and undesignated, which will support existing and planned programs.

Found out more about the Versailles Foundation


Patronage Token

Make a 8 € donation and join the community of Versailles patrons. Offer it to your loved ones as well!

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Interested in supporting Versailles ?

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