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Since the nineteenth century, many have made the choice and commitment to preserve and promote the palace of Versailles. Get down in History yourself by supporting the project that suits you.

Projects to be funded


Adopt a topiary of the South Parterre

Adopt a topiary of the beautiful South Parterre in order to support the green heritage of the Palace of Versailles.

Adopt a bust

Let's bring the ancient faces of the Marble Courtyard back to life.

Support Versailles

"With the support of the State, but also of all the people who love Versailles, we are fighting. We hope to get through this difficult period without letting go of what makes the Estate’s core greatness, so that it continues to shine throughout the world ", Catherine Pégard, President.

Adopt a linden tree in the allée de l’Accroissement

This winter, more than 100 linden trees were replanted in an effort to comprehensively restore the Allée de l’Accroissement, one of the foundational pathways in the Park of Versailles.


Get your Patronage Token

Celebrate the 400 years of the Palace of Versailles and become a patron. By donating 8 euros, contribute to the influence and heritage restorations of the Palace of Versailles. You will receive a token, in limited edition created by the Maison Arthus-Bertrand, for this occasion, illustrating the first Château of 1623.

Refurnishing the royal appartments

Bringing the Palace of Versailles back to life and returning it to the image of a Palace full of life.

Educational and socially responsible initiatives

The Palace of Versailles has a long history of involvement in developing educational and socially responsible initiatives aimed at attracting visitors of all ages and backgrounds: young people, students, people with disabilities, disadvantaged people, families, those with little or no access to museums, etc. Today, many patrons are actively engaged alongside us, supporting myriad projects to develop a cultural offering that we wish to make as universal as possible, so that culture is accessible to all.

Adopt a statue in the gardens of Versailles

Help preserving the sculpted masterpieces ordered by Louis XIV.

Adopt a bench in Marly's Garden

New benches in the gardens at Marly.

The history of patronage at Versailles

The history of patronage

As a longstanding tradition, patronage has helped Versailles shine worldwide. This movement still goes on today, in various areas of activity, and grows from year to year.

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Become a patron

Become a patron

Individuals, companies, foundations, help the Palace of Versailles to shine worldwide. From just five euros, anyone can contribute to a patronage project and be part of the history of Versailles.

How to become a patron