Adopt a topiary of the South Parterre

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For the first time, the Estate and the Palace of Versailles is launching an adoption campaign of the topiaries of the South Parterre. Shrubs which are pruned into topiaries at the Palace of Versailles are yew. These conifers particularly prized by art gardeners for their strong wood and persistent foliage. By adopting a topiary of the South Parterre, you contribute to the preservation of plants that have been present since the 17th century.

The south parterre

Drawn by Louis le Vau in 1634 and located in front of the Queen's Appartments, the South Parterre opens onto the terrace overlooking the Parterre of the Orangery, and its view extends beyond the "Pièce d'eau des Suisses". Formerly known as the "Parterre des Fleurs" or "Parterre de l'Amour", the South Parterre is divided into two symmetrical areas following the French garden style, each with its own pond. This area is home to numerous topiaries.

topiary replanting

The topiaries which are part of the South Parterre's plant embroideries require regular pruning and attention. Art gardeners give them a precise shape, either a tapered cone or a stack of plant spheres. Sculpting shrubs involves drawing the desired shape, making patterns and then pruning regularly. The first tree pruning takes place when June approaches, when the new shoots reach a height between 5 and 10 cm. Pruning is then repeated during the summer to ensure that the tree retains its sculpted shape.

become a patron

By adopting a topiary, you support the eco-responsible approach of the Palace of Versailles. 

You are An individual paying tax in France A company with a subsidiary in France
Your donation 2,500 € 2,500 €
Tax relief

66 %

60 %

Actual cost after tax relief

1,500 €

1,650 €


73 €

25% of the amount of your donation


To become a patron, you can :

  • Complete the form in the leaflet
  • or adopt a topiary via an online donation
  • or contact the patronage departement

Get in touch with the Patronage Department of the Palace of Versailles / +33 (0)1 30 83 77 40