Refurnishing the royal appartments

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Bringing the Palace of Versailles back to life, returning it to the image of a Palace full of life by restoring its decorations and refurnishing the royal and princely apartments, resetting the scene to rediscover the ambiance of life at the Palace over the centuries.

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In 1793, the Palace of Versailles was completely emptied: 17,000 lots of furniture and objects in the royal collections were dispersed at revolutionary sales. Since the beginning of the 20th century, generations of curators have passionately and untiringly hunted and identified furniture and objects that came from Versailles or were ordered for other royal or princely palaces in order to acquire them, if possible.

Thus, little by little, Versailles has once again become the home of some of the finest creations of the “Grand Siècle”, a moment of perfection in French art.

Madame Adelaïde's bedchamber


We could never undertake this huge task without the support of our friends. You can take part by providing your support to:

  • acquiring furniture and works of art, scientific and musical instruments, books, lamps;
  • restoring the textile decorations;
  • restoring the furniture and works of art.

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Help us restoring the textile decorations and refurnishing the royal and princely apartments of the Palace of Versailles by making a donation of the amount of your choice. Thus, you will be entitled to a tax relief. 

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Help us refurnish the Royal Residence

Become a patron

Become a patron

Individuals, companies, foundations, help the Palace of Versailles to shine worldwide. From just five euros, anyone can contribute to a patronage project and be part of the history of Versailles.

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Interested in supporting Versailles ?

Interested in supporting Versailles ?

Choose the project that fits you the best among a wide range of restorations, exhibitions, acquisitions, adoptions of benches, trees, paintings...

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