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The busts in the Marble Courtyard, antique or partially antique, represent Roman figures and emperors. Exposed outdoors for over three centuries, this extraordinary sculpted decor has been undergoing restoration work for ten years, thanks to numerous patrons. 2024 marks the final phase of this major project.Become a patron of Versailles in order to save these treasures: don't miss your last chance to help restoring a bust of Versailles, by adopting a bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Emperor Hadrian or Empress Sabina!


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VERSAILLES, a vision of antiquity

When Louis XIV established his court and government at Versailles in 1682, he ordered the most prestigious ancient sculptures in order to create a vision of a new Rome, reconstituted for his own glory. The Palace's Marble Courtyard, with its façades decorated with almost a hundred busts resting on plinths, is the first vision of the ancient world offered to the visitor.

bring back to life the busts of versailles

Since the launch of the bust adoption campaign in 2014, more than eighty busts, particularly damaged or weakened, have been removed from the facades in order to be restored. Divided into several phases of work, this patronage campaign will enable this extraordinary sculpted decor to be restored in the workshop, and some of them to be placed in a storeroom that can be visited.


By taking part in the adoption campaign for the busts of the Marble Courtyard, you can forge a lasting link with the Palace of Versailles and its estates.

The adoption of a bust costs 5,000 €.

By adopting a bust, you will be entitled to a tax relief as well as custom-made consideration.

You are

An individual paying tax in France

A company with a subsidiary in France

Your patronage

5,000 €

5,000 €

Tax relief

66 %

60 %

Actual cost after tax relief

1,700 €

2,000 €


73 €

25 % of the amount of your donation


If you would like to become a patron, please take a look at the busts available for adoption and get in touch with the Palace of Versailles patronage department.

Get in touch with the Patronage Department 

+33 (0)1 30 83 77 40




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Become a patron

Become a patron

Individuals, companies, foundations, help the Palace of Versailles to shine worldwide. From just five euros, anyone can contribute to a patronage project and be part of the history of Versailles.

How to become a patron
Interested in supporting Versailles ?

Interested in supporting Versailles ?

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