Closure of palaces

In accordance with government guidelines, the palace of Versailles and its Gardens, the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon and their Gardens, the Gallery of Coaches, the Sculptures and Mouldings Gallery and the Royal Tennis Court are closed to the public.

Opening of the park

However the Park is open for walks or rides, every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

. Cyclists and pedestrians can access the park by the Queen's gate (pedestrian and vehicle access), by the Saint Anthony gate (pedestrian access every day and for vehicles only on weekends and public holidays) or by the Sailors gate (pedestrian access only). 

  • Warning : the Grille des Matelots will be exceptionally closed and forbidden to access, all day on Saturday 17 April 2021!

Last admission to the Park is at 6.15 p.m. 

The lake of the Swiss guard and the Marly Estate are also open for walks or rides, from Monday 2 November, every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last access at 6.15 p.m)

The city of Versailles has published a decree making the wearing of the mask obligatory in the city of Versailles. An exception for single persons and persons connected to the same home allows them not to wear the mask. This applies in the city of Versailles. In the park of the Domaine de Versailles, the wearing of the mask is recommended.

coffee, pancakes, take-out

The entire offer of the kiosks is offered only in take-out sales.

At the Petit Trianon there is an Angelina food stand for a sweet or savoury gourmet break during your walk through the Park. Open from Tuesday to Friday from noon to 5 p.m, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6p.m (Closed on monday). Possibility to order with withdrawal on site at 01 39 20 91 67.

During the school holidays (April 10 to April 25), Angelina will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 6pm (closed on Mondays)

Maison Angelina offers you quiches, soups, hot and cold drinks at its Petit Trianon boutique, for take-out only.


The organic crepes and sorbets kiosk at the Ferme de la Métairie, at the Trianon crossroads, is open from Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays, from 1pm to 6pm (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). The kiosk on the south bank of the Grand Canal is open at weekends only. Subject to weather conditions.

An organic sorbet kiosk is open on weekdays only, Place du Grand Trianon.

During the school holidays (April 10 to April 25), the kiosk is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. (Closed on Mondays)


The Flottille offers walkers a take-out counter with a hot section, from 10 a.m to 6p.m on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (and public holidays). (Closed on other days)

During the school holidays (April 10 to April 25), la Flotille is open from Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m to 6 p.m (Closed on Mondays)


The orange juice kiosk : at the Grille de la Reine, on the plain side at Les Crapauds: is open from  1 p.m to 6 p.m, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays (closed on other days). Subject to weather conditions.

During the school holidays (April 10 to April 25), the kisoque is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m to 6 p.m and closed on Mondays.


Opening of the Marly Estate

The Marly Estate is also open for walks and rides, everyday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last admission at 6.15 p.m.) 

Only pedestrians and cyclists can access the Marly Estate via the Bourg gate or the Royal gate, other entrances being closed. 

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